Allcheer Intelligent Technology limited Company Europe founded

Allcheer Intelligent Technology limited Company Europe founded


On september 29.2018. Allcheer Intelligent Technology limited Company  establish Allcheer Europe GmbH and hang out a shingle. This is a more direct and in-depth way to grasp the advancend technologies and products from Europe,especially Germany, to satisfy the needs of Chinese and German Companies two sided demand.

2018年9月29日,豪智能科技在德国吕瑟斯海姆市设立的豪欧洲公司Allcheer Europe GmbH正式挂牌。更加直接深入的掌握欧洲特别是德国先进的技术和产品,并快速完成中国与德国企业的双向需求。

Meanwhile Allcheer Europe R&D Center unveil the nameplate, and sit with the Chinese-Germany Innovation Center. The major scope of business for this Center is performance development, cutting -edge technology reserch and development, and technology transformation in Chinese – Germany Vehicles.


This foundation ceremony invite Mr. Qu Feng, secretary of QiHe Municipal Committee, he is inprocess off exchanges in German.


Mr. PeiXuejun director of the Rhine-Main Chinese – Germany Innovation Center and Mr.LiuChuanfu Founder of the Allcheer Intelligent Technology Limited Company jointly inaugurated the branch and raftify an accord to  enter Chinese – Germany Center.